Antina Promotions helps you stand out, get noticed and get business!

With everything we do, we strive to provide quality and unique promotional products that will allow you to connect with your target audience, build brand recognition and leave a lasting impression on everyone who receives an item with your logo on it. 

Most importantly, we help you find products your audience will hold onto - this is an important part to ensure you get repeat impressions without an additional cost!

Another important facet of our business is we focus on strategies that help you sprinkle the products throughout your sales cycle, buyer journey or order process so you can increase leads and sales, create brand awareness and achieve your marketing goals with measurable results (and not to mention, a return on your investment!).


Wanna work with us? Here's how:

  • Work with us through strategy sessions to help you solve your marketing challenges (increasing leads, sales, reengaging your list) and achieve measurable results. Apply here to see if we are a good fit!


  • If you don't have the time to search through 1000s of promotional products to find the product that will be a great fit for you AND you have already developed a strategy to use them that will get you results, check out our Promo Discovery Service where we help you find that perfect item for you.